Are Brand Keywords Truly Brand Keywords?

What are Brand Keywords?

Brand keywords are queries, phrases or keywords that contain the brand name in your search query. To further simplify this, they are simply search queries that include different variations of the brand you want to research.

For those that still don't understand, here's a simple illustration to help break it down. An example of a brand keyword is "Infinix smartphones". The word "Infinix" in the keyword made it a brand keyword hence Google will return results related to smartphones that are mainly Infinix.

So, when is a keyword really considered as a Brand keyword? Just because a user searches on Google with these phrase "Cheap Tecno smartphones". Is it safe to consider this as a brand keyword for Tecno?

Here is my explanation on the topic.

There are different stages in the marketing funnel. Branded keywords depends on which stage the user is in before it can be truly considered as one. Below is an image of the marketing funnel for every consumer.

Lets assume the consumer is in the third stage which is the discovery phase. At this stage, he/she is making research about the product. For example, you want to but a smartphone but you don't know which smartphone to buy hence you decide to make a comparison. You search for "Infinix smartphones" and you also search for "Tecno smartphones". At this stage, you are trying to discover the difference between the two brands and likely choose the one that appeals to you. So lets say after your research you didn't buy any of the products. The next day you did a research on "Nokia smartphones" and you decided to buy the Nokia.

You have research three brand keywords, which of these brands should be considered as a brand keyword?

Yes, according to SEO, these three keywords are brand keywords but the reality is, a brand keyword should be a keyword that converts. Conversion can be a goal completion but in this case, the gaol completion is actually purchasing. Hence the "Nokia smartphones" keyword is the loyal brand keyword because it converted.

Not all brand keyword are brand keywords but any brand keyword that completes a set goal or conversion should be regarded as a brand keyword.


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