SEO Keywords Research: Beginner's Guide (Keyword Analysis)

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SEO Keywords are search phrases or keyword phrases that a user enters when searching on Google or any other search engine. The search phrase may contain 1 or more words put together. Some phrases may be a sentence. Hence, you can say SEO Keywords are queries used to search for a particular information on search engines.


Think of it this way

If you want to get information online about women's shoes, in this case lets use Google as the search engine. You type

The "Women's shoes" is the keyword. Once crawlers get this search request, they go through their vast database and serve you with relevant pages (which is determine by some ranking factors) matching you query.

Keywords are very important to crawlers or spiders because it is a major factor in telling what a page or an entire website is all about. To rank well for a particular keyword, you need to optimize it.

Hint: A very good seo keyword is specific and descriptive!

Keyword Concepts

In order to get the prefect keyword optimization on a webpage or website, there are certain seo keywords concept you need to know. This will help you better understand the whole basics around seo keyword analysis:

My SEO kunfu is getting strong

1. Keyword Frequency

Keyword frequency in seo means the number of times a particular keyword appears on a particular webpage or website. This takes high priority in your title and headings of the webpage. A keyword appear more than two times in the title or description will be treated as keyword stuffing.

Good Keyword frequency
<title>Women's Shoes | Buy Shoes Online in Nigeria </title>

Bad Keyword frequency
<title>Buy Women's shoes | Affordable women's shoes | Cheap Women's shoes </title>

2. Keyword Density

This can also be referred to as keyword weight in seo. This refers to the total number of keywords appearing on a page compared to the total number of words on that page. Keyword density is usually calculated in percentage(%).


           (no of keyword)/(total no of words) * 100
If the keyword you looking for its density is "online shopping" and it appears 5 times on a page with total number of words to be 569. Hence:   5/569 * 100 = 0.88% is the keyword density for online shopping

Simple Innit? 

3. Keyword Proximity

Lets make this simple as possible. Keyword proximity can be better explained using this example

Hint: If you searching for "bank loans", a page optimized with "bank loans" will outrank a page optimized with "bank mortgage loans". This is because the keyword "bank loan" has a closer proximity to the user's query compared to "bank mortgage loans".

4. Keyword Prominence 

This refers how high up a page the keyword is. This basically refers to how early your keywords are found in a page. In the basic seo techniques, it is important that your main keyword appears in the first 50 words of your page.

5. Keyword Placement

The position of your keyword matters alot on a page. Placing your keyword in the page title and description helps to give it more relevance compared to pages that don't have their keyword in the title or description.

Hint: Here are places to put your target keyword 

keyword in page title
keyword in meta description
keyword in page url
keyword in page body
keyword in <h1>
keyword in anchor text
keyword in alt tag (for images)

Finding the Right Keyword for your Website

Its very important to know the right keyword for your website because it helps bring traffic to it. Ranking for the right keyword will help increase domain authority, page authority, page rank and relevance.

Here are some tips to follow when finding the right keyword for your site:
1. The potential word users search for inorder to find your site
2. The problem your prospective customers try to solve using your site or services
3. Using online tools such as Google keyword planner
4. What keywords are your competitors ranking for
5. Related search query suggestions on search engine


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  3. In backlinking, seo keywords are also very important for ranking the backlinks on search engines


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