13 Best SEO Tips: Practical SEO Techniques that Work

Whether you are new to SEO or you are an SEO expert, these basic SEO techniques are very important. SEO tips are ways you can get search engine to rank your website or webpages easily. Conforming to Google's rules (white hat seo) shows hard work is repaid with Page #1 ranking. SEO techniques are several tips you can implement on every post or content on your website that helps increase the pagerank and relevance of the page.

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1. Keyword in Titles and Meta Description
Ohh I forgot to mention!!!
You need to have the basic knowledge of HTML. Understanding how webpage structure works will go a long way in helping you implement these basic SEO techniques successfully.
The Meta Description and Title tags can be found in the head section of any webpage. Yes in the head section!!!
SEO is lifeless without keywords so fight for the right keywords as it goes a long way in helping google crawlers know what your entire page is all about. For instance, if you fighting for a keyword like…

Are Brand Keywords Truly Brand Keywords?

What are Brand Keywords? Brand keywords are queries, phrases or keywords that contain the brand name in your search query. To further simplify this, they are simply search queries that include different variations of the brand you want to research.

For those that still don't understand, here's a simple illustration to help break it down. An example of a brand keyword is "Infinix smartphones". The word "Infinix" in the keyword made it a brand keyword hence Google will return results related to smartphones that are mainly Infinix.

So, when is a keyword really considered as a Brand keyword? Just because a user searches on Google with these phrase "Cheap Tecno smartphones". Is it safe to consider this as a brand keyword for Tecno?

Here is my explanation on the topic.

There are different stages in the marketing funnel. Branded keywords depends on which stage the user is in before it can be truly considered as one. Below is an image of the marketing fu…

Duplicate Content and URLs: Best Practices 2017

Duplicate Content can simply be described as having the same content om a website. Google frowns heavily on duplicate content!

Fact: Majority of website owners are not aware of this issue hence they tend to lose traffic and rankings in the process.

Duplicate contents can appear in so many ways. It could be as a result of the type of CMS (Content Management System) used, pagination issues, URL parameter issues, copying content online in order to publish, and more. One of the major duplicate content issue is when there are two versions of your website - "www" version and "non-www" version. Most website owners are not aware of this.

How To Fix Duplicate Content Issues
There are several ways to fix the issue of duplicate content, we will show you the basic and simple ways of fixing it

1. Canonicalization:  This is one of the easiest ways of fixing the duplicate content issue by using the "rel=canonical tag". This tells web crawlers or spiders that this is the pref…

Infinix Zero 4 Plus: Reviews Specs & Price in Nigeria

INFINIX ZERO 4 & ZERO 4 PLUS REVIEWS, SPECS & PRICEIt is okay to say Infinix Mobility has come to make a statement with the introduction of the Infinix Zero 4 Plus and Infinix Zero 4 smartphones released this November. The two flagship are the successor to the Infinix Zero 3.

Alot of comments have been passed concerning this product most especially the price of the phone. Most believe the brand cares about low budget customers but with the release of the Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus, the story seem to be different
Zero 4 Specs:

SPECIFICATIONSDESCRIPTIONScreen Dimension  5.5-inches (1980x1080px)  Screen Type curved 2.5D TP third-generation corning gorilla glass  Camera16MP Rear Camera and 8MP Front camera both having LED flash  ProcessorMediaTek Helio X20  Octa-core processor  Operating System  XOS based on Android Marshmallow 6.0  Memory3GB of RAM  Storage  32GB ROM and supports upto 128GB External memory  Battery  3200mAh and Support Fast Charge (10mins)Sim TypeDual Nanosim (2sims or …

SEO Keywords Research: Beginner's Guide (Keyword Analysis)

Ohhh Look:

We are learning SEO Keywords today:

SEO Keywords are search phrases or keyword phrases that a user enters when searching on Google or any other search engine. The search phrase may contain 1 or more words put together. Some phrases may be a sentence. Hence, you can say SEO Keywords are queries used to search for a particular information on search engines.


Think of it this way

If you want to get information online about women's shoes, in this case lets use Google as the search engine. You type

The "Women's shoes" is the keyword. Once crawlers get this search request, they go through their vast database and serve you with relevant pages (which is determine by some ranking factors) matching you query.

Keywords are very important to crawlers or spiders because it is a major factor in telling what a page or an entire website is all about. To rank well for a particular keyword, you need to optimize it.

Hint: A very good seo keyword is specific and descriptive!


5 Main Functions of Web Crawlers, Spiders and Bots

What are Bots, Spiders and Crawlers?Ever wonder what serves you page results on Google search engine result pages (SERPs). Not only are these pages well organised, they are also arranged in order of importance. As a user, it is a bad user experience to search on Google and the results you get are irrelevant, trust me it can be annoying.
Well its time to meet the Web Crawlers, Spiders or Bots

These Web crawlers are set of programs or instructions written to crawl and index your website. Although they do more than index and crawling, they check links that are pointing to your websites too.
It is much safe to say these three words mean the same thing. They are all related to search engine. These are set of computer programs designed to do the following


4.Calculating Relevancy
5.Retrieving Results

CRAWLING Process of fetching all the web pages linked to a website. This task is performed by a software called a crawler or a spider (or Googlebot, in case of Google)…

Implementing a 301 and 302 redirects

Many people sometimes, mistake a 301 HTTP status code for a 302. While the former talks about permanent redirect, the latter talks about temporary redirect. If you want to either change from one domain name to another, or change from HTTP to HTTPS, basically anything change that will require driving your subscribers or traffic from point A to point B, hence a redirect is the best implementation. Also, you can redirect from a WWW version to a non-WWW version or vice-versa. Redirects are very important because they help fix issues of duplicate contents.

For instance, if you type in your browser, you will be redirected to because a 301 redirect was implemented.

When it comes to SEO, it is very important to know that a 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporarily) redirect can have a positive or negative effect on your site ranking in SERPs depending on how they are implemented. If you want to move from one domain to another and you are perfectly sure…